Lens Buddy app quick overview & how to take photos

here's lens body app so how to take photos in lens body so super easy just open up the app here you need to just proceed with first steps I did that then in the bottom you just have preparation prepare for photo shoot and then it's just why it's a fixed amount of time before capturing the first photo you can do it instant or so for example I want to buy for three seconds before taking a photo then how many photos I want to take in each photo shoot I want to take like five photos let's say you can set up 10 50 100 500 or until stopped then I can say what is the timer speed uh what's the um uh like time frame uh between photos and then here you can also enable burst and all of that then here you just see photos um and yeah so something like that you can enable photos settings uh you can enable sounds to indicate the start another photo shoot can announce progress for example countdown as all these additional features you can show grid you can show our guide you can change aspect ratio you can enable disable Flash in top left then there are some additional settings where you want to save your photos uh so you can either save them to camera or to the app if you set everything to camera roll and you're taking like 100 photos maybe it's not the best case maybe you just need to save them to app and then export the best ones then you can decide if you want to mirror front camera um about yeah some additional optimizations so it's pretty Advanced you know of course you can just set up a timer in in your normal camera app but here is more advanced day and it's a free app so let's just take a photo then so for example I want to take five photos and then so yeah anyhow that's basically how it works I'm just showing you the process uh yeah and then you just have all the photos here and then uh you can see you can filter by the photos with closed eyes uh okay maybe it wasn't the best you can uh give a writing to some photos just an example here so yeah uh you can change create gallery or name Gallery then you can just select all and then you can easily delete or share them or yeah that's basically uh recently deleted then you can just for example recover so it's pretty cool and then yeah so that's basically how you take photos with this app

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