Lens Buddy Self Timer Camera full app overview

hey everyone so here is this trending app lens body self time timer camera it's in top charts right now probably it just got viral on Tick Tock or something like that so yeah this is a app I built by solar developer it's just 10 megabytes but it has 12K ratings and yeah it's like high quality hands-free camera um so yeah just a bit more advanced hands-free camera experience um yeah of course you can do you can set timers just in a standard iPhone camera app but yeah here is just a bit more advanced and has some additional features so for example uh what's Lance body a timer just how you like it customize speed quality preparation wires picture modes camera for high quality photos gallery to make certain easy so in each photo shoot lands by detects a series of photos how many photos should it take so for example you can select single father 5 10 25 50 100 250 or until stopped so it's a bit more advanced features as you can see compared to to normal iPhone camera and then here you have like the timer speed is the time between each photo so for example you can tag two seconds where to to save store new photos either in app or in camera um so yeah it just depends you just need to give access so it just depends if you save them in app and then if you delete the app or your photos are lost if you save in camera roll and then if you delete the app those photos will still be there but if you also have iCloud the photos will automatically be saved in Cloud as well so there you have it um so now you can just change the camera so there you have it so then preparation prepare for photo shoot instant uh why it's a fixed amount of time so if you want to set that then just timer speed between photos so that's the time between photos um number of photos you want to take in each photo shoot and then photo itself you can enable live photos here and live photos here means that it records and attach a short video to each photo then some guides you can do that speech announce progress countdown you can uh you can also enable complements toggle screen settings you can show grid that you can show level guide set desired dimension so and then yeah here are some additional settings um you can mirror front camera or Not Mirror it just depends like you know um it means like either you want your left hand to be on the left side the left hand for example to be on the right side in the camera um yeah sort photos so it's pretty advanced settings and then here in the top left you just have flash flashing turned off won't be used uh you can indicate progress here indicates the start and the end of the time with the torch when using the back camera so you can use these settings here as well so yeah kind of pretty cool um so for example let's just try single photo and preparation is like three seconds and then you can include live photos so yeah there you have it and then you can just tap on some nails and then um yeah you can see that the photos available and that these times they're just being saved into the app so they're not being saved in your camera roll so again if you delete the app all these photos will be gone so yeah then you can just select you can say okay this is nice or whatever you can just delete it and then it's just deleted from the app so yeah then also still you have recently deleted uh will be capped for seven days and then just being deleted so yeah you can then write some feedback but yeah like if you need some camera for you know for this uh just to doing some Tick Tock videos or stuff like that um just tune it like easily maybe it's not like super professional and all of that but it's pretty Advanced app it's it's better than your standard camera app uh just for doing all this South uh self photos and it can be great for doing these photo shoots and yeah some videos let's explore what is live photo yeah so this is just like a live photo it's I think it's iPhone feature um so yeah that's basically the idea of of the app hope it's uh yeah it help you out and then if I was just holding the button in the bottom as you can see it was just continuous photo shoot so then it instantly created all these photos here uh so yeah pretty cool um I didn't need to create an account in this app and it's free to use I didn't need to pay um so that also pretty cool uh optimized timer for Quality uh here are some additional settings how to optimize timer frequency mode keep up fix delay then you can sort for us and that's that's basically what it is that's the app so yeah definitely give it a try I think it's a cool app yes as you can see it's in top charts and photo and video just about Instagram it's pretty cool you can go through reviews and sales like 4.9 out of 5 up best app ever so good great for the app uh little things could I used to make some head shots for work there are some still few bugs but overall now that this app is great for taking selfies and this app makes it's so much easier to take great great selfies so yeah uh definitely great app it says this app is absolutely amazing good I have is a few issues but overall it's like really helpful great app when you are alone right could be better but yeah so cool app give it a try and thank you for watching

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