here is this Lancer AI app and it's actually going viral there are so many like people talking about it it's in top charts right now and why is that so the main feature is with this AI avatars the idea is that you upload 1020 your own selfies and then yeah basically the app will generate another 50 100 200 avatars for you and it's not the case where you know previously in the apps like this you just upload your own selfie and then uh you could blur background or you can change your hair color or you can whiten your teeth and stuff like that but here you can generate completely new pictures so that's really amazing you can see there are more than 300 000 reviews here so yeah let's just do a quick tutorial here's the app there is photo steps video steps and then there are settings you don't need to create an account actually you can just start like it is and in the older version of Lanza AI app you could just actually upload some of your photos and here you have all of these different filters uh you can blur background you can change the filters or attach your face you can uh uh add some different effects some colors change backgrounds you can adjust white balance add all of these art styles and effects at all these different filters out of these different borders so yeah kind of all of these other features which you can do with your photos or also you can do them with videos but that's not why this app is going viral the main feature is with this magic avatars you can only use it with photos it's not possible to create AI videos yet but basically yeah you can use AI to generate unique avatars so create new avatars and what to expect uh so yeah basically you can expect some images like this the and these are some good examples as I say here that the type of AI we utilize this app for magic avatars might generate artifacts and accuracies and defects in output images it's out of our control so please acknowledge and accept the trees before continuing so for example uh Lanza AI app can generate good images like this but there can be some weird images because this Ai and AI is not perfect yet so you can have you know some super weird images like three legs and stuff like that that's about it so you need to be ready for that so just tap continue and then the next step obviously you need to upload your own photos um close up Selfie same person adults variety of backgrounds facial expressions uh head tails and angles so that's what you can do here like for example this is the photos you can applaud I definitely recommend to just upload different photos in different Expressions different backgrounds but you should always have your face like really close kind of in the center but just different expressions and then you will just have more and more for like interesting results because if you just upload 10 photos and they're basically the same selfie uh it's it's it's not great yeah like bad photo examples also if you if you're taking some coverings if you like you know you have friends or in a group or your dog is near your using glasses so group shots full lines kiss cards faces animals monotona speaks news all of that just avoid that because it makes more harder for AI to basically process your photos so then after that you need to select at least 10 to 20 selfies so for example on iCloud you can just go and there is a selfie's album just an example what you can do here just select some photos you need at least at least 10 selfies it's not possible to use this app with less than 10 selfies so yeah if you don't have that try try just to take your own selfies but again try to do it with a good lightning with different fast expressions uh smile don't smile and try to show different emotions then your avatar will be much more interesting then you just select your gender and then here is what this app is offering um so you can generate 50 unique avatars for 5.99 it will be five variations of 10 Styles and then later in the video I will show you what is the result is and should you upgrade or not then you can also generate 100 unique avatars for 7.99 or 200 unique avatars for 11.99 uh yeah that's kind of pretty expensive and that's one time payment that's not a monthly subscription um yep so that's what it is um uh or you can also get 51 off with a subscription currently they are offering this uh uh reduction in price so you can get like yearly subscription for 29.99 no limits on photo editing no watermarking videos and 50 percent off on Magic Avatar so I mean if you have a yearly subscription for 50 avatars you will just buy around three dollars and then just tap purchase yeah why say why is paid magic outers consume tremendous computation power to create amazing avatars for you it's expensive but we made it as affordable as possible and that's true that this price is actually pretty cheap because there are so many other apps around uh in this Niche which which are trying this uh this technology basically I think AI is based on like this type of diffusion or how it's called API and yeah then you can just generate use this API and generate all these images but the trick is that you need a lot of computation power and you need really really like and it's it's like super expensive um that's why in other apps for like 50 avatars you need to pay like 40 dollars so like 56 whatever much more but not six so it's actually a good price um so yeah there you have it and what you can get after it so here's the pack I bought uh I just uploaded the same self as you just seen and to see your expectations like what you can see so here you have all these different styles so there is Mystical style so for example you can generate something like this uh yeah which is uh yeah for example you can see something like that that's like I was actually surprised it's like some of the photos are pretty off but other photos I actually uh uh yeah pretty close to uh to reality and they just get in the features like really uh close and you can see that I didn't upload all this facial expressions or anything like that but it's just does them on on their own and yeah so it's like kind of pretty cool um then for example you have sci-fi style I don't know if these styles are the same for everyone then you have stylish kind of then there is Cyborg and there is anime and there is Rockstar you can see here some like weird I think here for example there are some bugs and stuff like that but yeah and some images as you can see it's it's not that great there are still some bugs then there's like superhero style I don't know what that is some of the images are quite distant uh so here you can see those uh yeah so that's basically astronaut so all of that you can see here and then Cosmic that's kind of the idea so that's what you kind of can expect for six dollars I don't know if you like it or not uh definitely you can then use it for example on Twitter or you can like Discord some messenger chat groups uh but it's not there yet probably for uh for stuff like link it in or for your resume or I don't know cover letters so yeah it's not there yet um probably maybe you can try other apps of course you can't use it for your passport but who knows how AI will develop I think it would be a really great use case like if because for example when you just need like a good photo for your LinkedIn or for some like occasion I don't know you need to hire like actually pretty expensive photographers like to set up the lightning to dress up nicely all of that but here you can just uh yeah use it uh like that and then you know maybe this app in the future will will replace all this like fancy photographers probably it's not there yet but it's pretty interesting she's this is kind of fun so yeah this is what you can get you then you can just tap save all avatars and yeah so that's basically the idea then if you go to settings in bottom right just in case you can tap on your account by the way you can do all of this stuff with the account or without you can sign up with email Google or Apple ID and then you can just tap delete an account just in case you want to delete data related to this account and then you can just tap and the data related to this account will be deleted meaning all your images all your selfies you upload that will be deleted uh yeah that's quite uh sensible of course because if you're trying a lot of stuff you can upload like your 100 on selfies and you don't want them to be leaked somewhere or stuff like that so you can always delete your account uh hopefully it's really this app is secure and it works uh then here you you can upgrade to all these plans um you can change appearance you can change app icon you can change Dark theme if if you like that um yeah then I don't know what clear uh music caches because I guess this app was trying a lot of different aspects angles like photo editing video editing probably even like music uh editing for videos all of that but this this now is a real hit with these AI images um so yeah that's basically a quick overview so definitely give a try to this magic avatars feature a super interesting I guess there will be many apps in the future who to do it and um the the quality of AI model will become like really really good maybe you can even then use your photos for the for your passports and stuff like that or of course then on Instagram you just generate like or I'm in like you know some uh motifs and stuff like that and it generates really a close uh yeah close to reality picture uh so who knows how it will develop in the future but anyhow uh that's the quick overview so try out this app and thank you for watching

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