LENSA AI app - how to install on iPhone?

so here's Wireless lens AI app for NVIDIA editor and uh yeah it went viral after this update magic avatars where you can create like AI avatars for you so this is a new viral Trend uh this is a new category of apps uh yeah where a lot of apps either on web there is an app Avatar AI dot me and some other websites basically you just upload your own image or like few images and then this app generates a model using Ai and then it brings you back like many more avatars which you can use on different chat Messengers like to your friends to your like dating profiles whatever so yeah here's for example how you create an account perfect selfies in one tab unlock your creativity and then get started I just want to see if there is some free trial available um yeah so there is a option to subscribe for 29.99 per year or there is also like a free trial as well so uh but you can still access some like very limited option I think without that so here it just goes for a standard process and then you just created your own account um so something like that and then you can just add some photos give access to your camera roll and then start creating all these avatars hope that is helpful

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