LENSA AI AVATARS preview - should you upgrade?

so here now we can see magic avatars let's take a look uh what what it looks like yeah it's pretty actually so you can see styles uh you can see mystical and then you can see Sci-Fi so as you can see it's pretty uh pretty accurate actually um so then you can see a mystical then you can see Sci-Fi you can see it's an astronaut why do I need those and then you can see Adventure cyborg Cosmic Rockstar so these are the Styles which you get in pack one so this is like anima which you can get Adventure um yes so these are results which you can expect actually none of them are like super close but this is yeah this is like super fun uh Thai bark Cosmic Rockstar so yeah that's for example I actually surprised that the quality is pretty good like there aren't that many bugs and yeah like the the visual is pretty close one thing is that uh you don't have um uh yeah you won't have like the same avatars uh all the time so you will uh you will generate all of it and also if you expect to use them somewhere like on your LinkedIn or in more official it's not there yet so it's mostly like for social media for some chats or Discord or some gaming probably it's pretty great but other than that it's uh it's not there yet I guess so yeah there you have it uh but still pretty cool uh hope you enjoyed it

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