LENSA AI - full overview & how to use

hello everyone so here's a quick preview of Lanza AI Avatar Photo Editor app which is going viral as you can see it's in the top charts why why is that um yeah because of this killer feature which is called Magic avatars basically you can create a 50 100 200 new avatars just based on your selfies but let's just go through the app so originally this is an app where you can add some of your photos and then you can do some retouch for example you can use some like one of your photo and then there are a bunch of filters which you can apply which you can see all of these filters like this here um you can blur background for example you can do like face retouch just depending um so something like that then you can adjust all these different things like eye contrast this whitening for example like this um and all of these elements then there is like a back ground which you can blur you can adjust all these balances add some additional effects there's all these art styles which you can add and yeah this was like the previous version of the app this app is pretty good just for doing that if you want to add more of these elements like yeah so you can do something like this for example the filters uh yeah so that's what you can do um but the the main feature right now why this app is going well is called Magic avatars where you can generate mind-blowing avatar from your photos with one of the most advanced AI ever created um and yeah so what to expect so these are the type of avatars you can expect so this is to be clear this is not like an image for example the exact photo you took and then it just adds this like a bit of the uh artistic style so this is a completely new photos generated based on your own selfies so you upload 10 20 selfies in different positions in different uh postures and then you get completely new pictures of yourself which you can then use on whatever you want to use them because this is AI sometimes there are some artifacts weird things with AI and you can there are like you know three legs or something like that and some things don't work here yeah because yeah so there you have it uh and then you just need to upload good quality photos close up selfies same person uh adults variety of backgrounds facial expressions so here's a good example and bad photo examples where you just it's either you are too much in background or anything like it and then you can just select 10 20 selfies so for example you just go to your selfie's album then you can just select all of those um yeah just add them like whatever and then you just add them um and then you will be able to generate uh okay so 10 photos is required so let's select more so let's just select just some few more random photos and then it's just being uploaded uh yeah if in case you want to delete your data later you can do it and then you just select your gender and there you have it now you need to actually upgrade and do one-time purchase if you want 50 unique avatars you need to pay six dollars uh why is the paid magic outers consumed tremendous computation power to create amazing avatars it's expensive but we made it as affordable as possible so yeah it's either six dollars for 50 unique avatars it's a one-time payment or eight dollars um you can also get 50 off if you uh start your subscription yearly subscription is 29.99 per year and then probably you can get like your 50 avatar for three dollars or something like that and then you can just purchase and then you would have 50 unique avatars and you will have five variations of 10 styles um so yeah and then you will just have them so I think this is the main feature of the app while it in the top charts right now where is it going viral um there are so many apps in this new category right now a lot of them using this stable diffusion AI model or algorithm I don't know what's the best way it's basically like API and it's like AI API which you can use on your websites in your apps and just generate all these styles of avatars based on your previous photos then the same you can do with videos I mean the same with photos you can do with videos uh then of course there are settings you can create an account or you can also do all this stuff without an account if you created an account then you can just have to delete it in case you are concerned with your data so the data to this account will be deleted if you delete it here then of course there are plans you can see here there's like yearly plan monthly weekly um yeah you can also change your appearance so there is icon you can change your icon you can change your theme light dark or system theme um there are also some FAQ uh so something like that you can read more here um so yeah this is the app uh I think that's the main feature right there magic Avatar so definitely give it a try there are a bunch of other apps like Avatar Ai and some other there's new app every day probably in this category but this is cool uh so yeah definitely give it a try then you can use these avatars like in in Twitter on your some messaging chats and Discord some of them I think you can even use on LinkedIn or you can use them um uh yeah like or whatever the dating apps and some of them yeah you can probably there will be like official Styles you know but you need to have like a really a nice uh looking LinkedIn photo or professional photo but if you don't have time to go to this like expensive order service so maybe you can just use this app I'm not sure if you can actually generate passport photo here probably not but it's getting pretty close um like but the quality of this AI touches will be quite good and it will look almost as good if you just go to like you know some super expensive photo shoot and really make a nice photo so there you have it hope it is helpful

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