Lensa AI - how to cancel subscription on iPhone?

so here is viral lens AI app and yeah you just have magic avatars feature here by device so this is the viral feature and if you bought it it's a one-time purchase there is no subscription here so it's not like a monthly payment or anything so for example I can just go through the albums and I can just select some selfies and then yeah um I can just upload those and then I'll just show you it just takes some time but it's a one-time purchase and then you don't do not need to cancel it because it's just one-time purchase to cover the computing power so but there is also like a paid subscription here which is monthly recurring payment and for that you need to cancel it so here as you can see um if you want to purchase magic avatars and that purchase is just a uh yeah it will just say that it's one time price there is no like monthly recurrent subscription so uh yeah you can just pay it and no worries you don't need to pay to cancel it or anything because again it's just like a one-time purchase kind of old school so yeah there you have it uh other than that of course there is like a um if you go to settings there is a upgrade plan option where you can subscribe here this part you will need to upgrade and that's like a recurring so that's uh you see in the button is a start uh if I say detached it to subscribe uh where you will need to subscribe to it and then you just need to go to your settings and then tap on iCloud here subscriptions and then from there you will be able to find Lanza AI subscription and then um from here you will be able to cancel this master recording subscription so something like that uh yeah like you have other apps so then you will be able to cancel that hope it is helpful

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