Lensa AI - quick overview & how to create Magic Avatars

here stands the II app and let's create Magic avatars with it uh which is one of the most viral features so just let's try to do it what to expect the type of I would utilize for magic avatars might generate artifacts and accuracies and defects and output images out of control so for example this is like a good example of the images which are nice and then there are some weird ones like so after that you need to upload photos uh and please follow the instructions close up self is the same person adults variety of background special Expressions head tills and angles so as you can see this is a good collection of the photos you upload and then AI uses them to to improve your model like if you upload uh group shots full lens card faces like wearing glasses um but not that's not gonna work so then you just select albums and then you have like selfies so then you can just select some selfies from here for example like that uh and then I'm just importing them let's see what happens select your gender um and then you need to purchase all of it for like for eight dollars uh if you want to get 100 unique avatars 10 variations of 10 Styles or you can get 50 unique avatars uh uh like for six dollars um why is that magic avatars consumed tremendous computation party create amazing avatars for you it is expensive uh but we made it as affordable as possible and then yeah you can start your membership Now 51 off of no watermark on videos and then you can just there is some style where you can get it for 29.99 per year um so yeah but basically that's how you create this 50 unique avatars so yeah something around it um and then you can just purchase it with your Apple subscription um yeah it's it's not the subscription it's just one time purchase if you want to buy a subscription that's 29.99 right now maybe it will be more expensive in in future yeah so after doing that you will have in either like 50 100 to 200 images different styles like you can be official casual sport like images all of that I guess it just depends on this uh stable diffusion or how it's called like the this AI algorithm which designs these avatars and yeah then you can use them starting from like some messenger chats even some like dating apps your LinkedIn might be your Twitter and then you know just have a really creative nice Avatar so this is one of the top apps uh right now which is doing that it's like it's in the top charts of course there are other many services out there which are offering that so feel free to explore them

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