Lezhin Comics - mobile app overview

so here is legend comics app uh and yeah if you didn't know in if you like uh legend comics yes it has a separate mobile app on iphone i'm not sure about android and yeah you can download this app for freezer new daily releases to resent reader there is a huge library [Music] new episodes you can unlock released every day enjoy web comics with our latest app new episodes exclusive titles and all of that so let's just open the app here so then that's basically the app here you can see the all the episodes you can see new releases uh then you can explore comics you can explore rankings you can explore gifts sensor is your library and then there are your pages you can also sign up or create an account with traditional facebook google twitter apple id so that's the idea uh then there are also some free coins you can clear submission and earn coins but yeah just in case you didn't know yes there is a mobile app

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