LG IMS bug - what you can do?

hey so here is some of the possible fix for lg ims annoying pop-up error um so someone posted this on community forum uh for t-mobile and it says try to do this turn off wi-fi and wi-fi calling put phone in airplane mode go to settings apps notification app infrastructure system storage clear data then go to four stop and go back and forth and clear the data at least four times if you don't clear it this many times and the message will return once you take it out of the airplane mode so that's the number of times you need to need to clear the data because there is a solution that you just need to go to you know settings and clear storage and clear data just once but then people say that the pop-up returns after you restart your phone so try to do it multiple times can't do it try to do it all very carefully just on your own judgment because there can be some errors some bugs and nobody knows what exactly is causing this issue either these older lg phones or it's like t-mobile network or what's happening um [Music] so there is no exact uh answer to this issue yet and people writing that they reached out a lot of times to t mobile and lg support and there should be some kind of fix soon

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