LG IMS keeps stopping - is it LG or T-Mobile issue? How to fix?

so i'm just going here through the uh issue of uh this annoying pop-up lg ims stopped working um and it says lg must keep stopping and the the question is is this like lg issue or is it like network t mobile issue [Music] so some people uh say like asking are we saying this is a t-mobile issue not a hardware issue because the this pop-up is happening all like older lg devices which are on t-mobile here by the way you can see some solution um so i i still don't know like you can of course reach out to t-mobile support you can reach out to lg support and uh some people right i waited in store over two hours today to be told they can't help me it's not the mobile issue it's lg when i asked the manager what i'm doing as a customer i was told i don't know so where several people steadily comment with similar issues [Music] so [Music] it's not a t-mobile problem and some people reach out to t-mobile help on twitter and said that lg is working fixing the issue um [Music] other people suggest that this is issue because t-mobile is shutting down a lot of the older phones so maybe they're kind of forcing people to upgrade in your devices that would be very unfortunate do not factor reset your phone it doesn't work be sure to backup your phone through the google cloud uh lg ems keeps stopping i have this message in phone so i don't know like if like is it issue on the network side or on the hardware side uh i can't find a definite answer uh so the what i figured out here that the lg is still working at sap to find some kind of issue and fix so if you would try to factor or set your phone don't like crush it up [Music] make sure to pick up your phone and maybe just wait one day or something there are some like this temporary solutions which you can go to settings and then clear some the data and for stop um [Music] so uh so yeah i would suggest to wait at least some period uh not to rush it

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