LG IMS KEEPS STOPPING - should you factory reset your phone? Or not

so uh here is uh lg ims uh pop-up issue just gone here so the number of community forums trying to figure out what can be the resolution a lot of people trying just to factor restart their phone so should you do that i found few people suggesting that actually this doesn't fix the problem so even after you factor reset your phone it doesn't so as you can see here do not factor reset your phone it doesn't work and of course before even doing factory reset be sure to backup your phone through the google cloud so uh yeah [Music] um like a factory reset in your phone can be quite dangerous if you don't know how exactly to do it so first like before you're going there just make a way to back up all your data all your contacts just to safely back that up to some cloud storage second just read a good manual about factory reset in your lg device and only then do that because there are like so many settings i'm not going through that in this tutorial just you can lose all your contacts you can use some kinds of your data depending on the settings how you do it and if you never did it before just maybe reach out to some specialist and even after it shouldn't it doesn't necessarily fix this issue so there is this kind of fix when you go to settings have notifications three dots and then storage for stop and clear data and then that's how you can solve the issue that's kind of how it can work [Music] how you can fix these pop-ups [Music] uh so that's what what can be done here um at least that like uh factory reset in your phone one obviously won't like obviously fix this issue people are asking is it like hardware issue on lg phones or is it like a network issue for t-mobile network there is no like there is no answer to that as well like so that's basically what it is at this moment

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