LG IMS STOPPED ERROR - what it is? How to fix?

so there is a like big issue right now on uh lg phones uh like on android devices that especially on lg phones that ims has stopped uh people get these notifications uh that it keeps stopping so i'm just trying to figure out how to solve this issue maybe you can't you don't know what exactly you can do i just found this community forum on t-mobile.com a lot of users are super frustrated you can see 78 replies in 12 hours people literally want to figure out what to do with it so i have the same issues on three phones there is the same notification our lgms keep stopping i just asked t mobile help on twitter if they had a time frame of when this issue would be fixed the response is that they do not know when it will be fixed by lg slr and working together it his sap uh so yep and this is some kind of bug i don't know if it's kind of scam or like some technical error so i would really advise you to be super careful people are super frustrated they want to wait a bit before really factory resetting their phones and then some people say i did uninstall a couple of recently installed apps but didn't reset the phone as was suggested when i searched it up thanks to this will be patient i was saying this is a t-mobile issue not hardware issue as it started just today uh so so this is some following suggestion go to settings app notifications app info three dots show system commel gms storage for stop and clear data this has stopped the issue at least for now at least it took a wise three second pop-up notice however i did shut down your start the message started popping so i redid the about direction and the annoying pop-up message has stopped so if you do that and then you just restart uh like your phone seems this message keeps appearing so and this is kind of this annoying pop-up it's it's not on iphone uh this issue um so yeah this is just yeah uh what it is this is obviously a t-mobile network problem lg has not made any changes ourself on android system app so t-mobile must have a network change that causes error pop-up push-t mobile uh it's lg so there is a constantly you know back-and-forth between users is like lg hardware problem or this is like a t-mobile network problem uh none of them work i don't want to do a factory reset it's not a t-mobile t-mobile so do not factors it doesn't work and people actually say that this solution is working i tried everything this is the only solution that worked thank you so that's basically the idea um um so yep that's basically what i think so just try that solution i explained about um um so and seems that seems that like this way like t-mobile is like i don't know it's not supported on some older devices or something like that and that's why they're like you know maybe it's a part of the strategy to push you to buy a new phone or something around it so similar as you know on iphone if you start using like if you have older iphone 6 or something then you can't upgrade to newer ios you become less secure your phone starts to work slower and then you're kind of forced to buy a new iphone that's kind that's what was discussed on the apple forums a while ago so yeah just again try out this this is this fix and leave it in the comments if it works for you

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