Liberty Mutual Mobile app - how to create an account?

here's an app Liberty Mutual mobile probably have seen an ad or two about it it's uh yeah it's one of the like leading apps for insurance with your cars and all of that um so here you can just add your cars at drivers and add all of this insurance you can see all of the policies for for your cars the covers details uh like and then you can just immediately have immediate access to your ID cards just like basically everything in one app uh you can see a drive-in performance so you can see yeah you can file a claim you can just contact support roadside help as well so if he's restoring if there is flat tire Fuel and if there is some lockout Battery Service you can try to manage this from from the app and it's quite popular app or three hundred thousand ratings and it's constantly in the top charts as you can see in finance category in US um so yeah you can access your ID cards and save them to your Apple wallet get to know your coverages and receive customized recommendation save money with safe driving programs sign up for proper list billing autopay and push notifications you can add drivers update mortgage lenders access electronically sign Imports and documents and get the help you need with the chat so that's the idea and then you can just open it up to create an account you can just tap here in the bottom create an account and then yeah you can just enter your account email and then your policy number and then you should receive send email and then you should get like email notification and then you just proceed from there so that's how you can start out in this app

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