Life360 Active Bubble - what does it mean? How to use Bubble feature

here's Life 360 app and you see here active bubble or in a bubble so what does it mean actually so it means this member of the circle enabled bubble feature in livestock 60 which is one of the most popular features um yeah and you can tap on it bubble gives you more options for location sharing by showing your whereabouts instead of exact location all safety features remain on so basically uh if you don't want other members of a circle to know your exact location like Street like building number like exact GPS coordinates you can enable bubble feature and then you will that people like your friends will know that you are in this city and that's it like you can enable the bubble radios for like I don't know 30k like 20 kilometers or something I don't know and then that's it they won't be able to know your exact location you can always pop your bubble at any time this will reveal your exact location and notify your entire circle

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