Life360 BUBBLE feature - full overview

here's Life 360 app and basically you can create a bubble it's a new feature um so but what is that so if you just go to their help center you you can just read about it um so uh Live 360 bubbles features in an optional way to customize location sharing for your circle after a temporary bubble is created it shares only your approximate location while all safety and machine features remain on so if there is some emergency bubble will automatically burst um so so yeah you can still use messaging check-ins but sometimes if you just want that your family or friends just see your precise location that you are in that area but not exact exact place you can use that feature it's available to all members you don't need to upgrade and but you still need to have the rights to do it in your circle so to to enable the bubble uh yeah you just step on your avatar and then you see this create a bubble in the bottom left if you don't see that feature probably you're just in the wrong Circle or you don't have the rights to do it like your parents or someone didn't give the rights to do it for you so just do that inflate your bubble and set the time for it so you can move around freely use checking button to send your current location without popping your bubble if you detect some accident the bubble you automatically crash give your circle heads up and there you have it and then you can just adjust the size of your bubble so for example they just want to know that I'm traveling in Copenhagen so there you have it but where I am exactly they don't need to know uh and then yeah like for one maximum six hours meaning one hour and then yeah you can just type continue that would be in this area until 8 25 PM if you need me please send me a message so there you have it yeah uh something like that and then you can just pop bubble uh if you want to end your bubble early you can tap pop bubbles this will reveal or you're exactly okay and notify your entire circle here you can also change all of these settings you can see when the bubble will pop up automatically maximally six hours so yeah there you have it it's a super cool feature actually a lot of users need it because everyone needs a bit of privacy and if in your circle there are a lot of like active live 360 users this sometimes this can be a bit too much like you know people are just tracking you all the time it's a bit too much so like this is a cool feature to use

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