Lightbooth app Copenhagen - what is it? Quick overview

cures light boost app which is growing in the top chart and it's like it's not light boost photo app it's light boost social media app get the brand new light boost app for an overview of all moments taking on share with his friends follow their Feats of light boost experience this is the Oreo of all the photos and videos you have taken on light boost light boost celebrates diversity on honest moments alright boost app gives you a unique opportunity to share a moments with friends and get access to the very best offers your favorite places have to offer so let's just open it up and see how it can work and then to create an account you can just sign in with your phone number and then uh you just create your account like this let's create a username select your gender whatever and then CD you can set up your city and there you have it so now this is the and then you have your profile you have your moments um find a near nearly light boost okay so since this is like a this app is just connected to some light boost stations in Copenhagen uh uh and then you can just take it there so it's kind of interesting concept so yeah probably in some pubs or some you know clubs you have this light boost and then you can just take a photo and this is how it looks like so you can see people in the club just taking these videos and photos and then it just appears here so that's kind of interesting then you can see moments and then you can see your profile so interesting app interesting idea let's see uh yeah how it's gonna develop I think it's super cool concept I haven't seen the slide boost yet here in Copenhagen but maybe it's just Bratz and it will become more viral

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