LIME Prime or PASSES - when should you upgrade?

LIME Prime or PASSES – When Should You Upgrade?

Lime is among the most popular apps for getting scooters or electric bikes today. Besides, it also offers some subscription options for users called Lime Prime or Lime Passes. But, the question many users ask is whether using Lime Prime or getting Lime Passes is worth it. In this article, we try to help you decide whether or not you should upgrade.

First, you need to do your calculations before choosing whether to upgrade or not, based on how frequently you use the app. A look at Lime Prime subscription shows it's just 75 kronas which is around 10 euro in Europe or like $11 elsewhere, depending on your location. The subscription comes with several benefits, including zero krona unlock fee, reserved vehicles for up to 30 minutes, and rides on all Lime vehicles. Apart from being cost-effective, subscribing to Lime Prime also helps to reduce pollution, making it more eco-friendly.

Usually, every time you ride on a Lime vehicle, you're required to pay an unlock fee of around 10 krona or 1.4 US dollars. However, to determine if upgrading to Lime Prime is worth it, let's do a simple calculation. For instance, if you take more than seven rides per month, upgrading to Lime Prime is the ideal choice. Given that Lime Prime costs $11, for every ride you pay $1.4 for the unlock fee. If you do more than six rides per month, you end up paying more than $7 in unlock fees. Upgrading to Lime Prime, thus, means you'll start saving since you can take up to 10 rides without paying unlock fees.

On the other hand, Lime Passes also offer a good deal for users who travel often. For instance, you can buy a 60-minute pass for just 58 krona, which can be used anytime within three days after purchasing. This offer is excellent since the price for a single ride on Lime bikes is around 40 krona, with each ride lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. Hence, the 60-minute pass is much cheaper since you can ride for 60 minutes, and it only costs 58 krona.

Overall, you should consider upgrading to Lime Prime or getting Lime Passes based on how frequently you use the service. If you often use Lime bikes or scooters, then upgrading to Lime Prime can be a smart choice, while those who travel regularly can opt for Lime Passes. It is also essential to know that prices may vary depending on your location. Hence before making any decision, it's best to do your calculations and decide what works best for you.

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