Lime Prime or Ride Passes - should you upgrade?

okay so what is slime prime so here is the lime write sharing app and then if you just tap here you will see lime prime uh so this is their subscription model of course i think majority of the apps want to get you on some kind of subscription like netflix but sometimes it makes sense especially if you are using this app often it i think it honestly it doesn't make sense if you are writing one time per month just no need to pay this but lime prime is basically a fixed subscription fee like 75 danish corner per month it's around like 10 us dollars or more it's dependent on your location the pricing and what you get here you know you can just have unlock zero chrono unlock fee on every ride you can reserve vehicle in advance for up to 30 minutes at no cost includes rides and lime scooters and bikes um help your city reduce pollution and traffic by going car free you can uh try free for one month so basically you just have uh instead of buying like 10 danish chrono like one and a half us dollars for unlock on every right you just face zero and then if the rights already have um zero uh chrono or like zero dollar unlock unlucky you will just save 25 percent uh then you can reserve vehicle in advance for up to 30 minutes usually it's like you can reserve for up to 10 minutes and there you have it um um that's that's the idea of the lime prime you can just start free trial here in the bottom um and yeah so yeah and then to cancel that and i think you can't cancel it through the app you need to cancel it through the apple subscriptions just go to settings app and just cancel from there so there you have it there is also right pass where you can for example if you're in the city for like a short amount of time or you just need to do a lot of rides you can just buy like pass for 24 hours for 99 krona just select that and take as many rides as you want for as long as you want so that's the idea um yeah and if you pay like 15 and you can take like 10 rides or something like just riding all day so it can make sense if you have that use case so yeah just please leave your reviews or comments below what do you think about lime prime or right passes like is it helpful um have you used that would you use it again would you recommend it to your friends and all of that here is my invite code rs kl and nv so feel free to use it and see you around                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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