LineLeap app full overview

hello so here is this line leap app let's try to install it on iphone uh so use your touch id and face id so the idea of this app is super simple you just if you want to visit some bars some clubs or something like that or just go out you can just book uh your place and get a pass to not stay in the line so as you can see here in the reviews people are were saying that it was already a great app pre-covered because sometimes lines can be hours long and even like right now this app is even more actual so if you don't want to stand the queues and all of that just use this app so let's try to sign up let's try to use email and then just add the number okay i'll just use this app to yeah because seems like it's only works in us and you can add a payment method you can allow notifications or not you can allow location services and there you have it now this is how the app looks like so for example if i want to go to study hall lunch okay maybe not in all places it is available yet okay now worse let's just try to reload it so here's for example the rix american cafe and then you can just get the car pass purchase this pass to advance in the front of the line does not guarantee entry so you can just do that and then just pay with that but yeah you just need to read carefully because as you can see sometimes it doesn't guarantee entry um of course you can select all the different locations here just keeping the front of the line does not guarantee immediate entry and then yeah you just buy a pass in line leap so super fun like and useful app just to avoid all these lines and queues um and then yeah you can just buy the pass and then there is your account you can add a payment method you can use apple pi see past orders conduct the support um yeah if you want this your account so yeah that's how it works definitely try out this app uh i think there are just like uh like limited amount of places where you can use it but i think it's growing so there are more and more places where you can try it out so that's that thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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