LingoDeer app - language learning - quick preview

here is interesting app which is uh called lingodeer so let's just install it of course you probably heard about duolingo but this is also amazing apps it's in top charts and you can learn japanese korean some you know uh i think this app is actually good at learning japanese or korean that's where it's kind of became popular because for a lot of other languages you can use duolingo but of course like everyone has his own her own perfect app so here is the app let's just open it up you can see that there are for more than 18 000 reviews 4.8 out of 5 average writing um so yeah you can just uh courses in english so here you can just select japanese introductory and beginner lessons and then yeah basically here you can see an introduction and then you can see all the like three types of characters um and then you can just see all of them and try to learn hieroglyphs [Music] so something like that so that's the process basically um [Music] that's how you create an account and start learning so then okay you don't yeah you can still create an account then there is membership uh you can sign up if you choose to sign up like during first day um here you can just save some money and there is seven day free trial and 79.99 per year or monthly 14.99 the recent day free trial so more than 10 million happy users and yeah once again this is a really cool app to learn japanese and korean and maybe chinese for some reason this app like really is really good at these languages and that there you have it this is the the app you can just manage your account and you know you can start even without creating an account which is kind of cool you don't need to give up your data and all of that so you can just start right away

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