Lingvano - Sign language ASL - app overview

hey there here's an app called link one of sign language ASL so yeah this is the language where you can this is the app where you can learn this sign language and you just create an account with your email and then you kind of have these lessons and then this is how it looks like so you just sign up for the plan how much you want to learn per day it can be like five minutes or 10 minutes or like hour two hours so here and then you just uh have this training so yeah and then you can just repeat yeah you can just repeat with yourself and with camera enabled so that's also quite handy then just tap next and then you can learn new sign you so yeah that's basically the process uh how it looks like yeah and then you just learn this and then you can just learn so yeah that's basically the process that's how the learning process looks in this app and it's pretty entertaining you can you can learn uh this out you can have these strikes uh and yeah there you have it and then you can just learn sign by sign and then uh basically here you can just go to your dashboard and explore different modules different lessons which are available here then you can just see different like uh options and answers like dictionary which you can learn and then there are like different settings there's your profile which you can edit um you can also delete an account if you or reset all the progress if if you don't like this in the top right you can just see one day's trick uh and then yeah here you can just see all of the options available and then you can just also upgrade uh and yeah that's basically the idea that's an overview of the app and hope that is helpful and thanks for watching

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