LinkMe app - how to create account?

so here's interesting searching app searching in app charts link mailing network shout so i will just try to install it and see how it works just interesting concept uh why why suddenly links becoming more popular again so scan link shout we believe that connecting and sharing should be simple link me bridges the gap between all your profiles scan network shout all your links and info in one place shout with your friends see what's trending and meet new people around the world and on the go you can scan someone's qr code search millions of profiles find mutual friends and more on link me you're able to shout messages images and videos uh the organization and purpose of this app is attend now when i meet someone all i have to do is link with them and i have all of their social medias and platforms this makes this much easier to build connections and relationships with others also the shout feature is amazing as you can share what you're up to with the rest of the link me community uh i used to check instagram every morning and now i check link me so that should tell you something so these are reviews there are 20.4k ratings 4.9 average rating i think this number will grow so then yeah you can just allow this allow notifications and let's just go here and try to create an account okay so it asks me to create like a first name last name uh then i just need to select my birthday so let's do that the reason option to sign up is apple id or google so let's just continue that that's your username can i just use like this then i can just enter some password and then just tap continue then i have my phone number and then i should just receive the security code so then i just tap confirm and there you have it so now i have an account in link me app so this is this is my account i am happy i secured really nice username with uh with my first name so that's that says that app is actually quite early so yep these are the links so then i can just follow all these accounts and then i can just link them so this is some quick links and this is some people here uh which i can see all the links all the social networks uh attached to this profile edit link share profile so yeah interesting concept where you basically can create this account so here i'm just like trying to go to someone's code to exchange info and become part of other networks so you can do that or i can just post a shout or i can see all these link requests i can accept that i can link with someone i can also add new platform uh so here are all the links you can add phone number under custom link so that's that hope hope this is helpful [Music] yep

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