LinkMe app - Scan, Link, Shout - full app overview

hello everyone so here's linkme app which is getting more and more popularity recently so let's just go through the app and see how it might work and all of that so i'll just show you just how it looks like in the app store and how to access it so just search for link me because i think there are a bunch of apps with uh interesting names so just search for link me so something like that and then you should be able to find the app in the app store so this is the exact app so that's how it looks like so you can find it not not this one not not the other one uh so and obviously not link it in so yeah there you have it so this is the app you just can create your account who's yeah just goes through the sign up process you can't sign off your google or apple so you just need to do it like old school why just enter a first name last name and email all of that and then what's the idea of the app basically it just combines all your social profiles under one link so consider like a link 3 or something but this app is more focused around like snapchat instagram tick tock whatsapp all of that so imagine you met someone interesting at a party or somewhere at the job doesn't matter and you just want to exchange contacts and usually you will say like hey what's your whatsapp or what's your snapchat but then like in what's you also want to know instagram or if you ask like instagram maybe you have tiktok like and then when you start asking there are like three links so what happens you just connect on whatsapp and start sending each other this link so it's just stupid so this app is basically has this collection of these links where you have one profile and all your platforms so you can combine snapchat you can combine instagram uh all of that just uh in one place um scan network shout so basically you can scan each other's profiles on this app and then you will instantly get all the other person profiles instagram snapchat tick tock your website whatsapp just in one click and then you can just link each other and become friends in this app and shout so basically you can be like a social media where you can have that so this is my profile for example i can just edit profile um and then yeah i can add all these platforms so for example you see i have instagram username snapchat ticktalk my website i can add a new platform so here i can add again instagram snapchat facebook twitter linkedin apple music spotify profiling soundcloud youtube paypal one more cash app link to the playstation twitch like all these uh [Music] all these massive like social media profiles to to the link me so that's that you can also request a new link if you are a platform which wants to be featured here you can also do that but yeah to add it like just simply add twitter username like for example i can just do this and then just tap save so um yep then i just need updated because i linked with those people so it means we exchange each other links um so then i receive this link requests from other people so for example here what happens if i accept a link request so it's something similar to what happens if i accept friend request so then i just sharing all my info with this person so i can select all or not so my info is usually i can add my personal website my phone number and then i can share my platforms so here i just tap link and that's it so now um i just linked with that person and uh now he or she received my profiles i can add my profile picture i can share my profile i can have this link me by a url copied i can just share this link so i can just tap here and i can share it in email and then it will be linked me dot global slash my username i'm happy i registered like my first name username on this app andrei so that's cool uh yeah it seems that this app is not that popular but i think it will become it because you still can get really nice usernames so hurry up and get your username um then like for example you can just go and scan qr code so that scan someone's got to exchange info and become a part of each other networks and also you can just show your code so someone else can scan your code and then you can see all his profiles everywhere and all his information yeah so this app as apps idea is not you know definitely there are websites like link tree for example if you are like a youtube creator or like just influencer or something like that and you have all of that instagram youtube tik tok you just want to have it in one page you have that with link tree and also you can have it here but this app is just more like feels nice and it's more social oriented where like in link three is more like you know it's a website you need to log in on desktop on laptop here you can just manage all of that on your mobile and then share with with your friends um so that's it then i again i see my linux requests i can just link it again so then i see my links so this is my network so i can see how many links this person has edit links share profile unlink so these are my profiles which i shared with this person um and yeah so something like that and then i can see recent um so yep and then you can see how many links this person has and then i can see this who i linked here and then i just send all this link request to this person but this is where just suggested uh profiles when you create an account it obviously suggests you to link with like 20 accounts so i just did that but anyways then you can just add a shout so shout just added here you can do it like this you can attach a photo or video so something like this and then just add it here and then how long are shouting uh infinite so you can do that so basically you can do it like uh um like store you know like a snapchat story uh where where it uh it belongs and then you have shootout and replies and then you have all media attached um so also okay i'll just spam a bit um so that's the idea and then you will see all the likes all the retweets and all the comments obviously nobody will do that it's just an example then you can go to edit profile and again add your email add images at your contacts from which you can add your email phone number and again add all these new platforms um so something like that and then you have trending shutouts from other people so it's like twitter then you can see links then you can see clips and this is basically becomes like a tick tock where you can just swipe uh up and down so it's like a clips inside of linkme app which is basically a tick tock so of course because everyone likes stick socks these days seems and they just did like a tick tock feature inside this app uh so then you can also just search for someone like if you want to add a friend or someone you can just go to their profile and then just link uh share profile block user unlink um and then you have notifications here and then you see mentions no mentions then you can message your friends so that's also pretty cool um so that's that's the idea also go public it means i can just do my account public okay i don't want to so i can do something like this and then i just go public and it means maybe that my profile will be discoverable on the on the internet so you just consider if you want to do that so you can always go back to private or public and then you can just log out so that's basically it that's the app um hope it is helpful um definitely give a try to this app it's just interesting interesting app some of the uh some of the profiles are verified i don't know how to get verified and all of that's out how to get this blue kind of twitter icon here not aware of that i also don't know like how to conduct support probably you can just be verified by contacting support okay so probably you can just do it here change password help you can also delete your account from here to write a support email so that's good they included here because you know some apps like to delete an account is just really impossible so i really value the apps when they just have this option yes i want to delete my account and all my data so yeah that's that styles that app actually is of the high quality you can also change your username i'm not doing that to mine because i've got like a first name username so that's fancy so yeah that's the app give it a try definitely i just discovered it it was just entering the top 200 apps in social media category in the us app store i think it might have a great future so definitely check it out and yeah this is my blog mr where i post some interesting stories and descriptions of all these interesting apps see you

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