LinkTree iPhone app - full overview & how to use?

hello so here is a link to see that um so here is the app anyways you can just search for it and then it's now available as an app so basically you just need to log into the app and then here is how it looks like so link three helps you to create like a link page uh where you can add that link to your instagram bio or share anywhere you want and people by clicking on that link they will be able to support you to visit some important links and all of that so here you can see links you can add some new link you can add url you can showcase your content add some music video header you can customize appearance and this all i'm doing in a free version of the app so but if you want just a bit more customization if you want like a custom theme or customize your appearance you need to upgrade so to upgrade uh let's just explore what that is so it starts from 499 per month or 8.99 per month you can have like comprehensive automation customization connected google analytics pixels lower transaction fees so here you can also just see the preview so for example for my page which i'm including on instagram and stuff like that this is uh how it looks like and then uh yeah that's uh the idea and then i can see analytics i can see views uh i can see the example data and then if i want to see activity and select for the other periods you i just need to upgrade and then i have more where i can uh integrate a lot of these details integrating analytics affiliate programs and all of that so that's kind of cool and now it's much easier to manage all of that on your mobile because before it was just on the website and it was a bit of a hassle and you know you need to open your laptop go there and just manage all of that from your laptop but now you know if you're an influencer and there is some small change just do it with your hands just on mobile and there you have it so hope this was helpful and try out this app especially if you're a content creator influencer it can be very helpful because usually you know people are not clicking all this like dozens of link if they will spend like one second of attention at the past they will click on one two links or maybe of course if you're promoting some very good product or some very good pitch but usually the the click-through rate is very low so it's just important to have this one link where everything is in place and everything is organized in a great way you

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