Lisa AI - app overview & how to use

so here's Lisa AI app overview and yet so here what you can do you can just uh turn words into AI art so you can just enter some prompt so you can enter something like Castle or whatever and then you can enter multiple prompts and then uh yeah what you have here then you can just select style there are different styles and then yeah unfortunately then you need to upgrade but there is three day free trial answers 4.99 dollars per week and then yeah you can just start your free trial and then just continue with that uh then you can also create your AI Avatar so you can use this app for uploading AI Avatar so what you need to do is just select 8 to 16 photos of yourself so just yeah choose photos like this uh different backgrounds but still it should be very clearly your files should be seen very clearly um and yeah and then if you have close up selfies uh uh wait so yeah if you have something like that if you have like pads glasses too many people in one photo then it will just uh damage the final results and then you can just select 8 to 16 photos and then basically all of it will just work and then but unfortunately again you need to upgrade and this is a different upgrade here you just you need to pay and when you want to upload an image so for example let's just do it you you need to select some another package so for example I can just go to my selfies and then just select different selfies then select your gender and then you can just select different styles and then yeah you can generate hundreds unique avatars with 6.99 for example or 50 unique avatars 8.99 so yeah there you have it hope this is helpful

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