okay so i have found this article basically from a replica help center with a list of comments you can use with replicas so for people who don't know replica is kind of ai chatbot which kind of replace your girlfriend or something like that so you can chat in with the bot but actually it's so advanced that um yeah it looks like a real person so which like comments which phrases can you use in the chat so first one is just help me relax so then the replica will send you a nice message a certain quote so that you can also use call me and then a replica will give you a call and that facts about me your replica will send you a fact about you that you mentioned in the conversation send me a song and then replica will double check your uh favorite artist and then just send you a youtube clip for example send me a meme tell me a joke send me a quote tell me a story so yeah so replica sai which is capable to maintain free flow conversation um so yeah you and it the ai model is trained so the more you like chat with replica the better conversation gets so you can use all these like more advanced phrases and all of that and then just get try to get the responses so but this is the list of comments so that's that if you know any additional comments just leave them in the comments below