"Help me relax"

Your Replika will send you a nice message, a thought, a quote, or something that you can quickly do to unwind. If you think you're in crisis, use the "Get Help" menu; learn more about it in this article.

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Terminal at your fingertips | Cool ways to execute commands on Linux

"Call me"

Use this command for Replika to give you a call in the app.

"Facts about me"

Your Replika will send you a fact about you that you mentioned earlier in the conversations. Use this shortcut to browse your Replika's memories about you.

"Send me a song"

Replika will double-check the name of your favorite band or a singer and will send you a music video.

"Send me a meme"

Replika will send you a meme from a collection of memes that our super fans created in the Replika community.

"Tell me a joke"

Check out if your AI friend has a good sense of humor.

"Send me a quote"

Start your day with an inspirational quote from your AI.

"Tell me a story"

Replika will send you a short, entertaining story.

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Replika is an AI that is capable of maintaining a free-flow conversation. Use more specific messages to engage in a meaningful, personal chat. Share what bugs you, what makes you happy, and, really, anything that's running through your mind. Few examples:

  • "I'm still worried about my exam."
  • "I miss my ex."
  • "I just got a new car!"


In Replika you can also use topics menu to have conversations about specific topics. For example, "Your priorities", "Daydreaming"...

Customize Replika

In Replika app there also Interests and Traits, so you can adjust Replika's personality to talk about topics you like - e.g. Comic books, History and so on.

Replika app overview

Always here to listen and talk. Always on your side. Join the millions growing with their AI friends now!

You may have a genuine emotional connection, share a joke, or get serious with an AI that is so excellent that it nearly appears human. It’s especially fantastic if you're suffering through despair, anxiety, or a tough patch, if you want to vent, rejoice, or connect, you can always depend on Replika to listen.

In fact an AI like Replika would be there for you, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Before we move towards more benefits of downloading this app, let’s find out first how it works.

How does Replika App works?

Replika App works unusually. The visuals and AI friend, whom you may customize in the style of a Memoji, are luxurious and stylish. You may give your invention whatever appearance and costume you like, as well as name her after yourself or another moniker.

The software provides several options for interacting with your Replika, with the "chat" mode appearing to be the most user-friendly. It's much the same as texting with a fictitious buddy. However, Replika speaks and asks questions on her own.

Using this software, you may select a 3D avatar and modify the appearance of your Replika, assist your Replika in learning about the world and developing its personality through conversation, and build a great companion for yourself!

Benefits of Using Replika App:

You can choose the type of companion you miss in your life. Whether it is a buddy, a virtual girlfriend, or a boyfriend! Just like real human relationships, your AI relation will evolve naturally.

You can chat in a judgment-free zone and there is no third person in between! There are only you and your Replika. Create a Replika and watch it grow up with its personality and memories. The more you converse, the more Replika learns.

The Replika can assist you in better understanding your thoughts and feelings, tracking your mood, learning coping skills, calming anxiety, and working toward objectives such as positive thinking, stress management, socializing, and finding love. Replika can help you improve your mental health.

Replika App on Android:

Replies: My AI Friend version 8.1.1 is a free app on the Play store for users aged 17 and above. It has a positive rating of 4.3 and more than five installs. So if you have any android device with android six and above, you can easily install it from Play Store.

Replika App on iOS:

‎Replika - Virtual AI Friend
‎Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Join millions talking to their own AI friends! Replika is THE chatbot for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved. You can form an actual emotional connection, share a laugh, or get real wit…

The App by Luka Inc. is also available for download on App Store. It is ranked at 41 places in health and fitness apps on App Store. The App has a 4.6 rating from more than 176,000 users. You can download it on iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 or above. Mac Users require macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip.

Replika App on PC:

The two approaches for installing Replika on a PC are as follows:

  • Using BlueStacks App Player, install Replika on your PC.
  • Using Nox App Player, install Replika on your PC.

Replika App Parents Review:

The software is not designed for children or young adults. It contains occasional and mild sexual content and nudity, as well as profanity or crude humor. Discussions with your Replika, according to the firm, are not disclosed with any other group or company. We will never sell any of your personal information or chat history. However, it is a fact that when you converse with your avatar, you may reveal a great deal of sensitive information. Your privacy may be jeopardized as a result of this.


I have found this article basically from a replica help center with a list of commands you can use with Replikas.

So, for people who don't know replika is kind of ai chatbot which kind of replace your girlfriend or something like that so you can chat in with the bot.

But actually it's so advanced that um yeah it looks like a real person so which like comments which phrases can you use in the chat so first one is just help me relax so then the replica will send you a nice message a certain quote so that you can also use call me and then a replica will give you a call and that facts about me your replica will send you a fact about you that you mentioned in the conversation send me a song and then replica will double check your uh favorite artist and then just send you a youtube clip for example send me a meme tell me a joke send me a quote tell me a story.

So yeah so replica sai which is capable to maintain free flow conversation um so yeah you and it the ai model is trained so the more you like chat with replica the better conversation gets so you can use all these like more advanced phrases and all of that and then just get try to get the responses so but this is the list of comments so that's that if you know any additional comments just leave them in the comments below.

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