List of TWITTER ALTERNATIVES - best Mastodon apps

so what can be Mastered on alternatives to Twitter so with all this Twitter turmoil uh people are trying to check out some other available apps in the area what can be interesting to you so maybe just to try until this Twitter stuff comes down so of course there is Mastodon which is a decentralized open source app which you can use on your iPhone and as you can see it's number 12 in the social networking charts um yeah so that's like a mastodon app uh which you can use and it's kind of similar to Discord or I don't know where you can create your own instance and then basically everyone can create their Mastodon app it's open source and then you can create your own servers and just hang out with people but there is also like Mastodon clients something like meta text that's one of the most popular ones is also was in the top chart So Meta text try this out so as you can see no ads tracking or algorithm timeline multiple accounts timeline position memory dark mode and more searchable Emoji picker and all of that and then there is also two tall that's another client which is also high in the charts so these are two biggest I guess Mastodon clients which you can check out uh which are pretty pretty popular actually so yeah if you want to try Mastodon instead of Twitter I would definitely recommend you to check out these three options either original Mastodon app for iPhone it can be a bit too much it it can be a bit like too complicated too many features like but met attacks or total there are much more lightweight especially the Met attacks feels like a good alternative for me it's very lightweight nothing um you know extreme easy to use but you still need to create your account on Mastodon so there you have it uh check those out

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