hello everyone in this video we're gonna explore how to add live in live peak widget so live in live peak is one of the most popular uh social networking apps right now i was just checking out some charts so here is the app live in share uh your moment so you need to install it first of all and you need yeah you need to have this app installed on your phone without that you won't be able to install the widget then when you have the app installed you just tap and hold and then you see all the icons start jiggling so then you just does in the top right and then you can just search for live in um so it should appear uh there are sometimes it's it's not there it's an issue for the for a few people um so yep maybe we'll you just can discover the issue right why it's not so here this live in and yeah for some reason if i have the app installed and when i try and find the widget it's not there and then i can see all the apps available uh and they are sorted in the in alphabetical order so that's a bit strange so let's just go inside of the app because sometimes you just need to to do some settings before you can actually install the widget so here it is um so i have that [Music] and then it should be appearing here but it's not so widget setting you can change it like this and it should be working so what i'm doing now i'm just swiping up and restarting the app and then let's try again and then after i restarted the app actually now i can see live in live big widget here so finally that's that's was the box so sometimes what you need to do is just swipe up and so like here is the app so just double tap and then you can swipe up like that and this is the way to restart the app and that's why you might see that your widget is not appearing

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