LiveIn LivePic app - what is it? Full app overview

so here is very popular live in live peak app and this tutorial will just go through it what what it is if you have no idea why this app is in the top charts how to use it how to add widget and all the basic stuff you need to know so basically here is the widget this is how it looks like um this is the app uh the main idea of it is that you can install this app and you can take photos and then you can send these photos to to your friends and then you would ask what's the what's the point you can already do it in like messenger for the last 10 years or something but the thing is there is like a real-time widget and this photos will appear on your friend's phone's home screen so that's the whole idea of the app and i will show you how to add this widget so app start to jiggle so then you just tap here and then just add live in here you have all the types of widgets which you can add so there is one small widget where there is only one picture then there is big widget which literally takes half of your screen where there is a big picture then there's like horizontal widget where there are like three images and then there is half of the screen widget words are like four images so here you can just add that and this is how you did that and basically this is an image which friends sent me and then i can see it on my home screen and it will be reloaded in in real time the downside of it though is that uh sometimes it can eat a lot of your battery so if you just have like not one widget but like many widgets it will actually eat your battery quite fast i think even on your iphones you will notice that your battery just goes down faster that can be because you have a locket widget or live in widget so anyhow this is i just take a photo then you can select in the app who you want to send this photo to either your followers your friends only yourself or share the world so there are a bunch of other apps in this category like live like locket widget not noted widget but in this app in live in it is possible to share to the world so not only send private pictures to your friends but also her to the world and you can kind of become a widget influencer so you can send all these photos to to friends and friends can follow you and yeah so that's basically the idea and this can be actually a new kind of instagram because you know if you have a lot of followers and people just like to receive images from you on their home screen that can be really fun so anyways i'll just send to me and here you can add some text which you like uh something like that uh what this is what you can add um so then you can just tap pause and then then your photo will be posted and if you added if you added a widget uh basically um [Music] uh yeah like uh people you will start receiving your friends photos and if your friends edit widget they will start to receive your photo then you can see in the world like what other accounts are here you can go to a specific account and then you can follow that so here it is uh you can of course block and report so similar to instagram and this is basically how it looks like then you can just add friends you can also invite friends you can also search by username so the main difference between locket widget and live in widget is that basically you can search people here in live in widget which i'm using right now you can search people by username globally so you can find some influencers you can follow them and by following them it means that you can see their pictures so that's the main feature and this app kind of becomes more like a social media wireless like locket widget it's still your private chat app where you just can only add 10 friends and that's it then you also have messages here you can message each other you can send photos um so i do not if so yeah you can only send photos you can't send texts then there is your account you can see your memories you can view all your memories here you can see your moments you can also like all the pictures you send you can delete them you can connect with your friends you can create friends video um so that's what you can do there is also an instruction how live in works so five picks on screen from unlimited friends so that's that under a widget setting [Music] you can select all the friends who whose photos you want to see in your widget and of course people who follow you can do the same setting to your account so then you see account and security you can see your living id you can delete your account as well here so if you have any you know issues with privacy or you think that yeah so that your data privacy is it's not safe here or you want to make sure that all your like previous photos were deleted so you can try this way here so that's that then basically there is feedback you can reach out and send feedback here for any other issues or for any other support issue and all of that you can just easily do it from here which is really nice um and that's that's basically it so that's the app so that's the main feature of the app where you can send these uh pictures here the other cool feature in this app is that you can also send notes so basically you can just send like interesting notes uh so you can draw something because not everyone just likes um like you know pictures some people just like drawings so that's basically what you can do uh just send drawings uh and that's basically what you can do so that's the idea and that's the overview of the app you can also upload photos here if you tap you can upload photos from your camera roll um for example in locate widget you can't do that here you can uh so and then you can also record photo or video as well so like hold for video and then you will be able to record video so that's kind of the idea so yeah uh this is the app it's uh yeah it's constantly in in top charts so by the way if you want just to remove the widget you can just remove the widget and here it is it is removed now and then um so let's just explore on which placing charts this app is right now uh so here it is live in you can see number two in social networking which is kind of crazy and there is locket widget as well um so yeah this is the app uh super fun and there are many more locket widget apps uh similar to that so there are some like app which is called noted uh as you maybe have guessed this is the app where you can just draw something um um there are like apps like widget pal or you can also add widgets of your friends and all of that but like live in live peak we just seems to be one of the top ones uh and it's really a nice app you can see really nice reviews really nice ratings so this app combines the good features of all the apps out there so you can upload the photos you can take photo take video you can send a drawing so on some apps you can only do drawings or photo here and live in app you can do everything then you can add unlimited friends on locket widget for example you can add only 10 friends so that's another advantage on live in you can also get followers and kind of become an influencer and grow your following become a creator on other apps this is more like a private situation noted app i think you can become also influencer but only on one of the noted apps not on the other ones there are some reviews there are some uh so there are some questions you can go through reviews there are still some bugs and glitches here and there so it is okay for a new app but yeah there you have it so this is an overview so that's that's basically how it works i hope you enjoyed this this preview try it out with your friends with your loved ones with your partner colleagues and yeah have fun

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