LiveIn widget Memories - what is it? How to delete?

here is live in uh app and uh if you tap uh on your on your profile in the bottom right and then you can see view all my memories you can go there and then you can see your previous memory step on the memory and then you can just tap three dots in top right and then you can just tap to delete it so that's basically how it works uh you can see your previous memories and then you will be able to delete them from here your memories is uh it's only visible to you and i think this is something similar like your archive um so it's deleted from your personal archive in in case uh okay you want that uh to delete uh here you can you also have your moments and then you can see delete from uh your moments from here this is the feature that i had in b real app so originally this memory feature to be honest appeared in the real app where it's separate so memories in be real is just your like personal archive and if you delete from memories it your photos still can appear in discovery feed or your friend's feed here seems like that that your memories is your like not only your archive but you can also delete photos from here and they won't appear anywhere in the friends feed or discovery feed so that's that hope it is helpful

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