LivePic LiveIn app DOESN’T WORK, buggy - what to do?

so here is the app live pic widget live in uh this is the app to add like a picture widget to your home screen and there are like similar apps uh such as locket widget noted widget sims this one is one one of the most popular but there are still so many bugs and like this app doesn't really still work properly so if you just go through reviews it says stopped working after two days work completely fine for two days and then proceeded to quit up updating try deleting or installing pause the app and which is that didn't work i can't be in the same account with two devices really like the content but the save other people picture a camera always no way to turn it off and it flips your pictures it doesn't work spend like 10 minutes with my girlfriend trying to get this to work doesn't work vijay doesn't show up so yeah and of course if you read some reviews a lot of reviews like five stars because like for me actually this app worked so there you have it uh but yeah for some people doesn't work so you can always reach out to support so to conduct support you can just uh go here and then you can contact us live house there is also instagram and tiktok where you can reach out the team and then just ask them so hope at least that can be helpful

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