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so here is this app which is called live peak widget live in it's in the top charts in social networking so let's just install this app see how it works um there are a bunch of apps in this category like locket widget it's just went through the roofs in the writings in february and march where you can just send this home screen widget to your best friends and send pictures there is this live peak widget there is noted widgets where you can send drawings so yeah live peak is a widget that allows you to send photos straightly to recipient's home screen you send a picture to a specific person a group of people and the picture automatically shows up on their home screen people can also respond to you with another picture to your home screen on live peak what's new is that you can search and follow strangers on the app and send photos in selected groups and you can also go creative with strangers it's also a great platform for influencers to connect with their followings in an intimate way so yeah interesting development because in locket widget um at the moment you can just send pictures to each other home screen but there is no this social networking element so let's just uh let's just create an account and then let's just use some strong password and then okay so this already exists exists of course of course it asks for your contacts you can add a widget and then basically uh it asks to add your friends so now you can just create this photo and then you can send it to your followers to your friends only me or you can share to the world so then you can just post it and there you have it so now i just added this picture like that so now i have this widget i mean app and then i just need to add live peak so you just search for live peak uh just by adding widget as you would do there are different uh types of widgets your live peak your life peak uh yeah just different types of images as you like different sizes so now you just added this one so that's about it and then yeah then basically your friend's moment should appear here or if you send to yourself maybe you also should appear there so that's the idea of the app that's your username here there are like widget settings um share it to your friends you can change your username change your name upload profile picture you can create some memory videos and then you can just share it so that's interesting then you can message friends you can add friends you can allow access to your contacts or you can just search by username so in this app it's possible to do that which is pretty cool it's uh um yeah so in lock it widget you can't do that but here in the app you you can do that you can follow friends you can add friends so yeah just be careful because there are like random people here then you can see a world and you can also see like all the influencers you can also go comment like this different pictures um [Music] yeah so that's interesting and it's kind of like instagram like locket widget with instagram so that's kind of nice yep what else of course you can also upload some pictures from camera roll and then you can also draw here so not only not only images but also drawings you can yeah and then you can just post it to the world you can see your moments you can delete them so that's quite interesting and again how to add the widgets just like it's just standard description um hold down on any app add the widget to your home screen you will see the plus button in the left corner and add the widget to your home screen so that's basically what i just did you can share this app to your friends so use it maybe there is some referral code there is some feedback you can use it here maybe for example if you want to delete your account to remove your data or something like that that's what you can do here yeah so that's the idea interesting app it's trending in the in the social networking i guess this like you know widget technology is something really new which wasn't used a lot before but now it's here and a lot of teenagers a lot of users really like it that they don't need to go to the app opened up you can just have all your friends and all the emotions just on your home screen so that's pretty cool so other than that thank you a lot for checking out this video review subscribe to me to my youtube channel for more reviews um subscribe to my podcast subscribe to my blog mr hector and see you see you in the next videos i guess cheers

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