LiveStatus app - full overview & how to use

here is this viral app called Live status how does it work so you can just add video to your home screen long press any empty area of the home screen to enter jiggle mode tap the plus button on the top left corner and select Live status so yeah that's basically what you can do here let's just set it up so yeah then you can just tap and hold and then app start to jiggle and then you can just search widgets Cyclops status and then you can just search for that and add Live status widgets from here so something like it and then yeah then you just have that uh yeah then you just added Live status widget then you can just open it and then you can just type continue you can allow notifications you can give access to your camera you can draw you can send text uh and then yeah basically you can add the search of friends uh you can see messages uh you can yes that's basically that uh okay probably it's only supported in us or something like it uh so what what this app is about this is pretty cool idea actually so you have this app here Live status share your life uh it's the first app that fully integrates iOS 16 widget features into messaging on Live status you can send all types of messages including text photos Emoji status and you're drawn straight to your friend's lock and home screen when your friends see your updates on screens they can open the widget and send their message back to your lock and phone screens so this app works while with home screen widgets which are available on iPhone from IOS 13 or lock screen which are available from IOS 16 so make sure to update to the latest version and then basically you can send this kind of messages either photos or just messages uh yeah uh two to your friends uh to your home screen to your lock screen some people might say it's just like you know you trying to like reinvent uh all this like messaging apps which already you can send messages but these apps is about widgets and home screens and lock screens so you don't need to go to Messenger app log into your account open the app open the chat here you instantly see that message on the screen either home screen or your lock screen when your phone is locked and you instantly see that message from your friends or family so that's like super fast and a lot of users actually like this new Vibe with all these like lock screen videos and home screen videos and all of that so yeah definitely give it a try um it's still probably uh it's just in the early stages this app and then I just want to send it to someone choose your status and then I want to send you and then for example I can just sand like this and then it should be shown on widgets so I'll just show you so then you will just be seeing this message like this and then also you can send not just text but you can send all the other stuff you can create group so yeah that's what you can do you can write you can draw and send it to someone as well so something that and that is this images it will appear on your widgets on your home screen or on the lock screen so this app kind of combines to Two Worlds so yeah pretty cool because like if you want to send drawings you can use noted app if you want to send cameras to home screen widgets you can use locket widget uh but yeah this app kind of combines all these features and it also works with lock uh widgets hope that is helpful there are all these settings you can change your name you can upload your profile picture uh you can see which is setting account security you can easily delete your account in case you're concerned about your private data so something like it hope that is helpful

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