LiveStatus app - share your life - how to create an account?

here is this interesting app called Live status uh share your life log and home screen chat so this super interesting idea and this app was just recently I think released and it's already in top 100 social networking apps what this app offers basically as I understand uh this is just like a widget app where you can send messages to your friends either at lock or home screens uh reply friends moments in picture in picture format hundreds of status to spark conversations available that's a bit weird feature I don't know maybe they're just taking it from the gas app but yeah here is the the new app it's it's jumps on this new trend of home screen widgets and lock screen widgets uh lock screen widgets available on iPhone from IOS 16 and home screen widgets available from IOS 13 I guess but then you still need to create your account so you can create an account from around the world as I understand um so just do that okay so let's just enter that and then oops so yeah anyhow that's what you can do you just can't sign off is your phone number um yeah that's uh how you can do it and then um it's not possible to sign off with Google or Apple ID uh uh yeah it's not that so yeah that's what it is and then okay in the next video I'll probably show you exactly how to use this app

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