LiveStatus app - Share your life - how to use?

here's interesting trending app called lifestyle to share your life status is the first app that fully integrates IRS 16 widget features into messaging on Live status you can send all types of messages including text photos emojis status and your drawing strength your friends locks and home screens when your friends see your updates on screens they can open the widget and send their messages back to your local phone screens so yeah this is like a easy way to chat with your friends like you can ask like why do I need this like there are so many messaging apps but yeah just because it has all this really cool widgets like user lock screen widgets are home screen widgets and sometimes it's just much faster for you if you have like you know you have some free a few close friends or your partner your family and you can just create videos for them on your home screen or even lock screen and you instantly see a message from them you don't need to open the app log in the app go to the specific chat as you need for example in messenger you instantly see that message right on your home screen so yeah that's pretty cool um and then you also have Anonymous polling here um you can see some statuses despite on your screen so yeah that's the the whole idea of the app um yes so here you get different points you can send like camera you can draw something so like very easy drawing uh something like that and then you can choose your status uh and then create a group or send to someone and then yeah you can just send to someone and then it will be shown on their widget so yeah that's basically the the whole point so you need to add the widget to home screen you need to have um to have IOS 14 or later for that to be working for home screen and for lock screen you need to have either 16 and later so one one person any empty error of the home screen to enter jiggle mode tap the plus button in the top left corner and select Live status so and then you can just see all the messages so I just sent the message and then you will see that message will be reflected on that person's widget so yeah that's basically the idea so let's let's explore so I can just tap and hold and then I can just tap plus and then I can just add Live status widget like that and then I would be able to see some images from uh from that person or the the photos I send and stuff like that uh um so yeah here's basically how it works so here you can draw you can then it's a bit it's a bit like I want to go back uh yeah like this so then I want I can see a friend request I can search and add friends um and then um yeah you can just uh see what is available in your country or no I think is this is just like I don't know some location feature something like that probably it's only available in US so that's what it is um hope this can be helpful

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