Locals.com APP OVERVIEW & how to use

okay so here's locals.com app so let's just do a quick overview what this app is about how to use it and like how to join communities and how to subscribe to someone so as you can see right now this app is in the top charts in social networking so number 28 and yeah so the idea of this app is kind of a bit similar to parlor or to maybe you heard rumble so basically rumble just acquired locals.com and the idea of all these apps is that they provide free speech to like people who are on a conservative spectrum so probably you heard that a lot of like people from the conservative party on the right side they were moved out from twitter or facebook for different reasons but in the end they just created all these new apps well they want to kind of express their own opinions some of these apps were moved out from the app store like parlour.com but then some of them were approved and locals.com is kind of like a patreon app like only fans where you can view some content only if you buy a subscription uh so let's just do a quick overview so this is the app you can easily create an account just with your email and then you just see your news feed which obviously consists with the people you follow and the communities you joined so you just browse here then if you want to browse some other communities you can just search for some community here and then yeah you can just search here and then join join some community you can see the number of members there are different type of communities it's not only like politics uh yeah you can see all of that so there are some and then there are some posts you can share posts you can bookmark report you can view likes you can leave comments you can leave likes engage but then there are all supporter only posts for for example baratur kitten community then just type support become a supporter and then there is one time support and then it's like a standard starts from five dollars per month or like to thirty dollars for six months or usually 50 dollars or 500 coins for 12 months for the whole year if you want to become a supporter and view exclusive content which is available only for supporters you need to buy coins so to get coins just go to your profile in the bottom right and then here you have basically okay to buy coins you first you need to switch to your account in the top left then go in the bottom right and then you have your locus wallet and then here you can support creators so what they say here at locals our mission is to allow creators to be able to create independently with the support of their community you can support your creators through the locals by purchasing coins and giving them to creators through their communities so then you can just tap buy coins and here yeah you can just buy coins uh 50 coins for 4.99 300 coins for 29.99 and then yeah you can just buy them then you can manage all your subscriptions so you can add subscriptions here and also you can unsubscribe right in this managed subscriptions tab then of course there is your profile which you created um and then yeah basically that's where you can upload your profile picture yeah you can add some bio and uh yeah so something like that you can see how many people you follow your followers so you can edit your username you can add your bio interest country a rumble account you can add rumble account so basically yeah rumble recently purchased locals.com so it becomes like a big like uh the main app for these communities then there are account settings uh you can change your username and password if you want to delete your account you need to do it from locals.com website on the browser and then you just go to your user and then you can delete it from there but not from the app then you can enable dark mode here if you want you can enable videos autoplay and there you have it that's about it so i can also show you the app so here is how the app looks like on the on the browser so for example if here i go to account settings and i want to manage my account okay so let's just sign in and then for example delete account i can do it here i can change password i can see notifications i can build subscriptions give subscription community subscriptions so all of that and then there are managed communities so i can do that then there is like i can buy local coins news feed discover or log out or create a community so that for example if i want to create my own community on workouts.com and push some content and let other people to subscribe to me so then yeah you can just create your community here it shouldn't be all only about politics um yeah it's there are all kinds of content on this app so far and then you just tap next select all the category describe your community here and then yeah just add some social links follow the instructions and hope that your community will be approved so that's that's about it but let's go back to the app so then i have all these my communities i can switch between them in top left so for example i see this community i can sort see all posts or oppose by specific member followed bookmark supporters only i can sort by trending most likes new comments all of that and of course i can just subscribe to that community because i can only if view video content here and then i can see all the notifications and all of that um so that's basically that also here my notifications um yeah so that's basically the app so for example if on rumble you just enjoy video content or on parlor you see all these posts like twitter so lockhouse.com is more like patreon or more like only funds where you need to pay actually to and support the creators outfits monetization to actually enjoy the app in full fully uh so yeah it's available as ios app i think also android app and also it's available just on the web browser um so that's about it you can see all these notifications there are also live streams here and all of these communities um you can also bring like gift subscription if you like  like an overview of the app in case you are curious what is it about and how it looks like hope that was helpful visit my website mr hack dot io check out my podcast mr hakio on apple podcast or spotify i often talk about some interesting apps there and see you in the next videos                                                                                

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