LOCALS.COM How to create an account?

everyone so here's locals.com app so let's just try to create an account here together so to create an account super easy you just need to create just enter your email and just enter your password and then i just need to get confirmation email so there it is so it works and then i just need to verify my account and then i can just get started i can just give my username so i can give my birthday [Music] display name country show my location or i don't want it and then and just select different topics and categories i'm interested in and then that should be good so then i can just follow the people i'm interested in so that's it and then i'm just have my [Music] app and then i'm just in the news feed so there you have it that's that's the locals.com app and then i can just go to communities i can join trending communities and all of that um so then i can just switch back to locals and then yeah so i can see my community is trending communities i can see all the notifications and that's about it so then i can just add to local's wallet it's to support creators add coins and then manage subscriptions so discard subscriptions and that's about it so that's how you create an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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