Lockd - Lockscreen wallpapers - full app overview

here's interesting app called logd lock screen wallpapers yeah it's grown in the charts it has over 4000 ratings on the App Store as you can see it's number 39 in Graphics and Design and yeah here you can experience the new lock screen tabs effect enjoy the layered lock on your wallpaper and bring the clock time under the person in your lock screen wallpaper block D delivers the fresh library of lock screen wallpapers for iPhone and iPad devices and allows you to get the most out of the dapps effects feature with standing 4K lock screen wallpapers so yeah that's basically the the app want number one lock screen wallpaper app more than one million combinations depth effect depth effect meaning that like for example the numbers here are kind of like behind the picture so yeah pretty cool let's just open it up there are so many focusing on lock screen widgets which are available after iOS 16. um but this app is only focusing exactly on wallpapers and how to create really stunning and amazing wallpaper for your lock screen so these are not widgets so here just to get started you need to select your interests so abstract I like aesthetic cities nature um so yeah that's about it just a second yeah so then here you can choose if you want to upgrade to log D Pro unlock and download thousands of lock screens without ads so then yeah you can get uh yearly plan or quarterly plan um 4.99 per month so yeah not that expensive actually and then here you have all these wallpapers you have so for example you have this abstract wallpaper available for the yes like pretty cool right like all the different architecture so I can just like it add it to favorites and then I can just download if I want high definition I will need uh to watch yeah okay so it's only possible for premium members and again with yearly plan 250 dollars per month um so yeah it's like what like 30 dollars per year it's not that expensive actually or standard definition you can just watch uh uh video ad so yeah that's about that uh you can see all of these interesting wallpapers just for your screen and that's it it's not possible to use this app to customize icons or install widgets but like really amazing collection of all these stunning wallpapers and you know like wallpapers such an important aspect of your phone because you're looking on your phone every day and it's like which wallpaper do you have like it can set up really nice mood for the day or just bring some a bit more brightness to your day and stuff like that um yeah and then you can just search for more wallpapers see recently added so like if there is like a World Cup you can see wallpapers around World Cup um if yeah if there is some other event like so yeah you can constantly change these wallpapers um yeah so this is definitely the app you need to check out if you if you like wallpapers and you like that your iPhone is looking fresh all the time

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