Locket app NO WIDGET issue

hey everyone so i'm just going through reviews for the local app and one of the most common ones is there is no widget for the locate widget app says when i search the locket where you find the widget it doesn't pop up i have waited for some time to go before i search it again and it's still nowhere to be fine i'm excited for this app and really want to work but it's not working no help so there is some issue so yep um so i can just show you for me if it's working or not so i just tap like that hold it also doesn't but then i just search for locket and then it shows up like this so it's working for me at least there is only one widget but then i can just add it like this so seems it's working uh as for now uh what you can do you can delete the app reinstall the app uh of course update the app because at the beginning i also couldn't sign in into the locate widget apps and i just updated the app and the next day i could sign in so my actual first to update the app because some people are reporting there are quite a few bugs actually in this app like you can also try to you know swipe up so just swipe up the locket app on your phone and then open it up again this way you will you will restart the app try to check your wi-fi connection try it another connection or another phone like try these steps otherwise i don't know you will probably need to wait for another app update you can also try to update your ios like do a software update here just go to settings and then there is software update available maybe try that so these are just some suggestions um yeah if you have some other thoughts just leave it in the comments below because a lot of people are searching right now for this app and there are a lot of bugs so maybe you can help someone

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