Locket “Deleting your videos will now remove them for your friends as well”…

Locket "Deleting your videos will now remove them for your friends as well"…

The Locket Widget, the popular video sharing app for Android and iOS, has added a new feature that allows users to send video updates to their friends. However, there's a catch - deleting videos will now remove them for your friends as well.

According to a video transcript, if users decide to delete a video update on Locket, the video will be permanently deleted from the user's history and their friends will no longer have access to the video.

This is a significant departure from how Locket handles photos. If users delete a photo, only their personal history is affected. The photo may be deleted from the user's history, but it will still remain available to anyone else who has received it.

It's not clear why Locket made the decision to handle videos differently from photos. Perhaps storage is a factor, or maybe there are technical or user issues that made this change necessary.

Regardless of the reason, it's a good reminder to Locket users to be mindful of what they share on the app. If there are videos or photos that users don't want their friends to have access to, they should think before hitting the upload button.

In conclusion, Locket's new feature offers a way for users to share videos with their friends. However, they need to be aware that deleting videos will now remove them from their friends' histories as well. As always, best practices when it comes to sharing sensitive or private content should be followed to avoid any unwanted consequences.

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