okay so uh there are a few viral apps right now locket widget or noted widget and some people say that if you add a widget somehow it deletes other apps from the home screen so for example let's just add locket widget and then you can add two sizes so let's just add a big size so as you can see it literally takes like bigger amount of the screen and i have some apps under it and of course i had some other apps on on this screen so then for example if i remove the widget and it doesn't matter it give me locket widget any other widget and then like i go back and what happened like the my apps are basically deleted so no worries so your apps are not deleted they are still on your device what happened probably they just literally moved to the next screen so just swipe right and try to find these apps on the other screen if you have a lot of screens like i do like you see i have a lot of apps here you can just scroll to the very right and then you can go to app library and then search in the app library your app so in ios 14 and later i guess you have the thing which is called app library which means the app is still on the on the iphone but just that the icon is is deleted from the home screen so maybe sometimes the icon can be delete from the home screen but no worries your app is still there so you can just also swipe up and try to search for the for that app and then you can just drag it you can also drag it back from the app library so for example i can just tap and hold and then i can just drag it like this here um so yes that's that's that but yeah i agree it's a bit annoying if you install the widget on iphone sometimes it just literally clears your homes like your screen but now as you can see i as i just moved around my phone the apps are back so maybe you also just need to move a bit on your phone um and also yeah if you're really sensitive to that i would advise not to install videos just on your home screen so here i have my home screen just swipe right to the third screen or four screen or second screen and then install we just there because for example i like the the configuration of my apps on my home screen i just position them in a way as i use them a lot so yep something like that and yeah so that would be some kind of advice hope it is helpful

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