in case you are looking for locket widget or noted drawing widget alternatives for android i think this is the best alternative which is called widget share and this is amazing app which basically helps you to send photos which you can do with lock it widget so that's the functionality of the locket widget um then yeah you can also add photos from gallery and from camera and rocket widget you can only add them from camera and then recently is there is an opportunity to to add drawings to your photos so as well you can just send instead of the photo or camera all you can just send a drawing which you can do in knotted widgets so basically it combines the best features of rocket widget and noted drawing app but you also have them on android because these two apps are not available on android yet and also on vgr you can create different widgets for different friends um and this way yeah you can just send different pictures to different people that's kind of cool so yep try out this app this is i think the best alternative also there is another app which is called picture but that's where you just send can share photos or pictures but here again you can send share photos pictures from camera roll drawings so and it's also a great app on iphone as well so you can send these photos from iphone to android and something like that so i think that's the great solution

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