Locket - photo shows up in HISTORY but not on the widget

hey there i'm going through some of the reviews and feedback for locket widget app and seems some people have this issue then when my when the friend adds a new photo and what won't show up on the widget it appears in the history of locate widget but it's not refreshing onto the screen i will wait for new photos to replace the old but it never is replaced uh i can see these new photos in the history section so it's not that a big deal they just don't refresh onto the screen this doesn't seem to be a problem for my friends as the photos i take instantly appear on their screen and refresh with each new one i have tried to find the solution but nothing has worked so that's some of the issue and there is some developer response here that basically when friend sends you a picture and lock it it will appear instantly on your home screen once a friend sends a photo though it can take up to five minutes to appear so there is some kind of a delay because uh locket introduces this delay to conserve your phone's battery life but yeah usually after five minutes you should see the image updated so but that's just so you know that it is okay to wait five minutes but not more than that so hope this is helpful

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