LOCKET Play a song caption - how it works?

LOCKET Play a Song Caption - How It Works?

Have you ever wished you could add an audio component to your pictures to make them more memorable and interactive? If yes, then you might want to try out the latest LOCKET feature - Play a Song Caption.

So, how does this feature work?

First, you need to access the LOCKET widget and look for the "Play a Song" caption. Once you tap on it, you will be redirected to your preferred music streaming provider, which could be either Spotify or Apple music according to choices presented by LOCKET. From there, you can select any song you like and attach it to your Lockit picture.

As of now, you can only attach songs, and not videos or other audio formats. However, this capability is still terrific as it adds a new level of creativity to how you share your photos online.

If you are not familiar with LOCKET, it's an app that allows users to curate a digital scrapbook of their memories and organize it in a more interactive way. It is aimed at helping people keep, share, and revisit their cherished moments, by creating digital scrapbooks in a more visually appealing way.

The addition of the Play a Song Caption feature further enhances the app's versatility and usefulness. This feature will especially appeal to music lovers who love to link their memories with a specific song.

In conclusion, LOCKET's Play a Song Caption feature adds a new dimension to how you can use your photos to create memorable experiences. With this new feature, you can now add an audio component to your Lockit picture and make it even more special.

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