Locket Recap - you need at least 4 photos!

hi everyone so if you try to generate locket recap sometimes you just can see this message that there are not enough photos it looks like you didn't take many photos during this time in order to make a recap video you need to have it taken at least four photos so that's the idea of locket recap that it's like a video summer of your lockets you send during that month but you need to have at least four photos so if you just send with your friends less than four photos your locket recap won't be available and for example I just have my history here I didn't send a lot of lockets but yeah you in order to have locket recap generated you need to have sent list four photos doesn't matter to how many friends you have or how many widgets you have and all of that but at least for photos and then you will have your lucky to recap just basically like a video summary of photos you send and yeah so that's basically um how it works um hope that is helpful and in the end of the years I also generate like a yearly locket recap which is kind of like yearly summary of all your photos it's a cool feature you can just share it on Snapchat then or don't share it or just save to yourself it's nice kind of memory recap of all the photos you shared unlock it widget

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