Locket Rewind 2022 - overview & how to create

here is an overview of locket rewind 2022 so first of all what is locate widget app so this is the app where you can install a widget on your home screen and then you can basically um add friends here and I can also add these features on their home screens and then you can just send photos or lockets to each other and they will appear instantly on your home screens it's pretty fun pretty addictive but if you tap on your profile on top left in the end of the year this app generates a rewind so similar as you have Spotify wrapped in Spotify app or like some other things like that in YouTube or other apps where just have combinations of all your content in this case this is just all your photos you send to your friends during the year so just tab here and then you will see this really cool vertical video where you just have combination of all the locket photos you send to each other then you will see the text um you can see something like that who are your friends here uh you how many friends you added how many lockets you sent to each other how many you shared with each other and yeah this is kind of the video which is automatically generated of course I just have this kind of like a test account here I'm not really using locket widget a lot but yeah if you if you like this app if you have a lot of friends here this is pretty cool video and then yeah you can just save it you can share it on Snapchat Instagram tick tock it's pretty fun and then you can just tap edit also cool feature so you can pick specific photos you want to display here in the locket recap you can pick specific people everyone or just you then you can just change speed if you want really fast or really slow fast normal slow and then yeah that's what you can do um or you can just save to your device it's pretty cool feature so yeah do it share it on Tick Tock show off to your friends uh definitely a cool app so try out look at widget it's a free app actually um yeah so fun to use um there are a bunch of other apps in this category like note it where you can just share notes or a bunch of others but I think this is the the best out there so hope this is helpful

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