Locket widget AFFECTS BATTERY? Sharing my experience

hey there so if in case you're using locket widget app especially widget so if you're using like for example you installed a big widget and here you see photos updates did you know that it can actually eat and drain your battery a bit especially if you use not just one widget but like you can have videos from locket you have other widgets some like google widget or something like that and yeah basically i noticed in my experience that my phone needs charging much fast much faster and the battery goes down a bit faster if you're using a lot of these widgets and this is a real issue because the widget is updated in real time and all the time it kind of needs to check if there is a new photo i don't know exactly how the deck works whereas like if you open messenger for example it only checks if you open the app um so yeah so imagine the apps use if you have the setting that they always need to track your location so that can also eat your battery a bit i guess even on the newer iphones where there is a huge like a battery improvement still uh yeah still this is the issue um and yeah so and i also think i read in their reviews i'm on developer team on the just on the app store there there was this question around that and developer team from locket we just replied that basically for this reason of battery life locket widget real time update are delayed for like to check in every five minutes it's not checking instantly it's just waiting for five minutes and only that after it is uh yeah checked uh so something around that uh to this is to improve the battery life but overall this is what it is so maybe you have any other observations or some other experience but yeah that's what it is

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