so here is locate widget app it went viral during the recent months and it's really amazing app uh what you can do here you can just add a widget to your home screen and then you can send photos you add your friends here and send photos to them and your friends appear on your home screen so no need to open like facebook messenger or you know whatsapp telegram any other app go to your group chat or your chat and just see the pictures you can just see the pictures and locate widget app updating in real time on your home screen so for example here is how it looks like here's the locket widget uh yeah you can just take a photo uh send it to your friends and then you just add this widget here like that search by lock it add it here and then add widget and there you have it now now it's uh photos which your friends send to you will appear on your screen and if you send photo that they will appear on your friends phones but like if you don't like this app what are the alternatives let's just go through because i did a video over use for majority of these apps and i really like this widget concept so let's just take a look what's out there so another viral app is called noted widget it's also basically does very similar scene but there are a few differences so noted widget is uh basically allows you to uh send notes uh not photos uh but aware because you know these apps went viral and there are so many apps which are just having like similar names and uh all of that so i think here is the original app here is the original app which you can try out noted widget where you can send photos and notes so you can send drawings like you know just draw some stuff here and then you can send it to to your friends also uh yeah there are ads so there are no ads heroes are ads so that's a bit annoying but there are also some additional features so you can also send from camera so heroes camera you can also send video here which you can't do in locket widget uh you can also upload photos from your camera or you can't do that from rocket widget uh and then you can find some kind of like nft art like images uh which you can't do from the locket widget so just yeah if tab here this is like nft art which you can send like it's not a real nft it's not minted anywhere on opencl stuff but it's still fun and also here in noted it's you have a discovery feed you can you can follow other people you can see all the public pictures and all of that you have your profile and it's more like instagram so it has these social media elements which are not available in locket so that's that uh then there is another app also called noted widget um so you can also try that out um it's also like very like minimalistic interesting app again you just send drawings here instead of instead of images from your camera so there you have it that's another one that's the idea you can always support it and all of that so that's another app um then there is something like live in uh so that's also going while it's in the top charts right now sure uh bug fixes so yeah so again add uh your best friends to your home screen open camera to catch the moments and picks to friends home screens so yeah that's basically it's the closest alternative to the locket widget here you have camera you can take yeah the photo same as here you can upload photos you can't do that in locket widget but in live in widget you can do that you then you see the moments the previous previous moments here you can send messages you can't send messages in locate widget there are also these settings and the cool feature of this app of live in is that it's kind of a social media also similar to noted but here you can um kind of connect followers you can create different widgets and followers like people you follow they will appear on your home screen so it's like instagram but you just have widget uh on your home screen uh and you don't need to log into the app to see the pictures that will they will update in real time on your home screen so that's a cool feature and i think that's one of the reasons why this app is actually in the top charts right now because it's kind of becoming a social media you can become influencer here you can uh like you know as you can see i already have two followers so you can gather followers here you can chat message you know you you can kind of become become like a widget creator if you post super cool content people will follow you and add you to their own widgets so that's basically it but if you just want to use it with your friends similar socket here this you can just take a photo and then yeah that photo will be sent to your friends you can select where who you want to send it share to the world if you want to become influencer or just to your friends you can also add text here uh you can't add tags in the in the locket widget so that's also additional cool feature so that's that uh what else then there is a cool app i tried called widget pal that's also quite popular this one you can try out witches for friends send pics to your friends widget but however recently i logged out and yeah now i can't log back in for some reason there is some kind of bug so it should be sold but i think it will be solved pretty fast and then you can try it out okay so now it works okay so i'll just show you uh so this is how it looks like the setup here is a bit more complicated i would say so first you need to create a widget in the app because otherwise it won't appear so you need to create a widget for specific group of people like and then you can set up refresh date you can set up privacy you can add all friends or specific people and that's kind of cool because uh in locket widget you can send photos either individually to some person or to all your friends here you can set up a group of people like just friends and families and colleagues and then you can send specific pictures to groups of people so that's kind of cool and then after you created this widget you can send photos tags and drawings so i just did that i can also add some drawings and then i can just save it and i select the widgets in the top part and again i can just again just tap and hold and add it here so all the tools i just explained all of them just adding the widgets in the same way here you will just add the widget similar with noted so that's basically that um so yeah uh these are i think the main the main apps out there we just missed that's another one that's just if you want to create some and customize some cool widgets but okay let's just so there is another app called snap widget also basically doing the same thing as locket widget try it out as well i also liked it uh whiteboard also doing the same thing but it's it's focusing on drawings not on pictures on photos so basically you need to decide do you like more sending notes or do you like like more sending photos if you like sending notes then it's noted whiteboard if you like to send take camera pics then it's locket widget live in widget pal snap widget so as you can see there are so many widget apps like right now uh everyone just trying to kind of copy rocket widget which i find not that cool because locket widget had the original idea which went viral so you need to give the credit to the developer here and yeah to be far it's still one of the best apps because it's very focused no ads no one is pushing you to some weird subscription it's very kind of clean and just focusing on one feature sending pictures from camera to your friends and does this feature really well so but if you still don't like it i can see that there can be still some bugs and glitches because it's like a small team of developers who do this so you can easily try these other apps here is also another app so that's basically that's just my take uh or of what can be a good alternative to locket widget if you want to try it out definitely give it a try that's the idea so yeah check out my other videos full locket widget overview full noted widget already widget power over you i basically did like full overviews of all these apps to simplify for you the process of how to add the widget how to set up how to add friends how to get started so you don't need to to spend much time on it other than that thank you for watching and see you in the next videos

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