LOCKET WIDGET APP on ANDROID - bugs, glitches - App Overview

socket widget app is finally on android but there are so many bugs and glitches yet so this app as you can see still has quite low rating on android it's good that is there meaning that if your friends are using android phone now you can like invite them from iphone and you can use it with your friends who also have android devices and vice versa for people who have android you can invite your ios friends and yeah then it's much easier but there are so many bugs still one of the two most annoying features is that you can't send specific images to specific people on android version of locket widget um while on iphone you can do that so yeah so for example let me show you so here i have uh my lockage widget app i can just take a photo and then in the bottom i can just send it to different people i can select like this photo i can send to my friend this picture of the cat i can send to my family or something like that but on android you can't do that at the moment and yes this is one of the most features uh also adding friends doesn't work that well on android add in france is very difficult can't seem to sound requests properly please fix as soon as possible then there is some flashy issue when taking photos in the dark for the front screen doesn't allow flash and rear camera pictures appear white as the picture is taken when flash is over camera so please fix that so there are some issues with numbers and again a lot of people just requesting this feature to to send different pictures to like specific pictures to specific people so that's the most requested feature and also in android app you can't react to to your picture similar as you can react on uh unlock it widget on iphone this reactions feature was just released like few weeks ago on iphone yeah just so just keep updating the android app keep at that and that's how it works uh there's still people say that the app interface on android is so unusable it glitches and barely responds to actions difficult to add friends so there you have it anyway hope this is helpful just keep in mind this is not seems like a big team who are developing a locket widget app so features are not like that instant everyday new features so you just need to keep it up and try to update the app might be in a few days a few weeks and see how it goes

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